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We truly believe in our quality of materials and workmanship; therefore, our tapered aluminum flagpole shafts are covered by a Lifetime Warranty. Specific details on our warranty can be found in the document below.
We are honored to provide you this continued confidence when you are purchasing a commercial flagpole from Eder Flag.
Lifetime Warranty
Eder Flag Lifetime Aluminum Cone Tapered Commercial Flagpole Shaft Warranty
Eder Flag Manufacturing Company warrants for their intended use lifetime that the aluminum tapered flagpole shafts that we manufacture will be made of the best workmanship and free of defects in material at the time of shipment. When materials furnished on this job are used for the purpose intended, we hereby warrant the cone tapered aluminum flagpole shaft(s) shipped after May 1, 2017.
This intended use lifetime warranty extended to the original purchaser covers the aluminum cone tapered flagpole shaft only and does not include any accessories or connecting hardware. The accompanying hardware (with the exception of snaps, rope, ornaments or cable) is warranted for one (1) year from date of purchase.
Items damaged by improper installation and/or grounding, overloading with incorrect flag size, accident, vandalism, vehicular impact or neglect by owner are not covered by this guarantee. This shaft warranty does not include failures with following site conditions: wind induced vibrations and corrosive soils with low (under 5) pH values (Alkaline) or high (over 9) pH values (Acidic).
Guarantee will not be honored if any alterations, modifications, or additions are made to our product unless the latter is approved in writing by Eder Flag Mfg. Co., Inc. No claims for labor, dismantling, transportation, or re-erection will be honored. Eder Flag shall not be liable for any other loss or damage, including but not limited to consequential or liquidated damages, or back charges. Material that needs to be returned will require a written authorization form from our firm, which will include correct shipping instructions. Material returned without return authorization will not be accepted.
This warranty excludes any finishes such as powder coating and anodizing processes.
Eder Flag Manufacturing Company will, at its sole discretion repair, replace or credit original Buyer’s account for any product that does not conform to this warranty. Eder Flag makes no other warranties, express or implied, which extend beyond the description on the face hereof.
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